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Trust Us for Gas Fireplace Repair in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise & the Bow Valley

Choose Banff Plumbing Company in the Bow Valley for all of your gas fireplace needs! Staying warm with conventional wood-burning fireplaces becomes a thing of the past when you bring home a modern gas fireplace. These are compact and are typically built into the wall so that the fireplace not only keeps the space warm, but also enhances the aesthetics of the room. Gas fireplaces provide even coverage and are a hassle-free alternative to log burning fireplaces, which may allow the smell of burning wood and smoke inside the house. With a gas fireplace, comfort is just a switch away. We offer comprehensive solutions for all of your gas fireplace needs in the Bow Valley. 


Advanced ignition system, thermostatic remotes and highly adjustable heat outputs make the gas fireplace all the more advanced. Banff Plumbing Company offers quality maintenance services that keep your gas fireplace working to its optimum capacity. Call us - we can help you select the right product for your space and provide maintenance.

Bring Home a Gas Fireplace!

Our team can install your brand new gas fireplace with advanced heating features.

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