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Installations and Repairs by Experienced Boiler Plumbers in Canmore

Boilers are energy-efficient, versatile, and powerful enough to get you through Alberta's winters. These benefits are why an increasing number of people are turning to boilers. However, when something goes wrong with the boiler on your property, you need a name you can trust to restore your comfort as soon as possible. At Banff Plumbing Company, we offer comprehensive boiler services, including boiler repair in Canmore. 

Our experienced team thoroughly understands boilers, which allows them to work with all makes and models for installation and repairs. 


Please contact us to make an appointment with our boiler plumbers in Canmore. We can also service your furnaces and fireplaces.

Common Issues

End your search for a trusted and reliable boiler repair service in the Bow Valley at Banff Plumbing Company. Even a small issue in your boiler can prevent it from working to its optimum potential, and this is where we come in. Banff Plumbing Company team will inspect your boiler for various issues, such as

Gas leakage
Faulty thermostat
Frozen boiler pipes
Broken parts leading to heat leaks
Worn-out seals and rusting
Lime and sludged buildups
Dysfunctional radiators
Faulty pressure valve

Air locked in the system, leading to whistling or gurgling

Whether day or night, if your boiler has stopped working, you can call us for prompt repair services, as we provide 24-hour emergency support.

Signs You Require Boiler Repair

In the section above, we've discussed some of the typical boiler troubles we assist our clients with. However, in most scenarios, our clients fail to notice anything wrong with their boiler until it's too late. We recommend paying attention to the following signs that can indicate trouble with your boiler:

Age: While boilers last you a long time, they can begin to lose their efficiency over time. If your boiler is over 15 years of age and requires constant repairs, we can help you with boiler installation in Canmore.

Rumbling and rattling: Rumbling and rattling sounds from your boiler can emerge from various causes, such as circulating pump malfunction or buildup at the bottom of the tank.

Leaks: Your boiler shouldn't leak under normal circumstances. If you notice water pooling around your boiler, call for repairs immediately.

Unusually high bills: An inefficient boiler that isn't working well will take more energy than necessary. This increased demand will drive up your energy costs.

Signs You Need a New Boiler 

When something goes wrong with your boiler, our experienced boiler plumbers in Canmore try their hardest to repair it. However, in some scenarios, a boiler repair might either not be possible or financially prudent, or both. Not only that, but your current boiler might not be meeting your needs. When that happens, you can rely on us for dependable boiler replacement. If you're unsure whether you require a new boiler, we recommend paying attention to the following signs:

Age: Typically, boilers can last up to 15 years with the proper care and maintenance. If your boiler is past its lifespan and is experiencing severe mechanical and system issues, it might be time to get a new one.

Frequent repairs: It is not unusual to require boiler repairs occasionally. However, old and overworked boilers can break down often. If you spend a lot of money on repairs, getting a newer, more energy-efficient model might be more reasonable. 

Heating costs: A boiler functioning inefficiently will require more energy than necessary. This can lead to abnormally high fuel bills. You can save money by investing in a new boiler. 

Inefficient heating: Do you often notice your boiler heating your property poorly? It might be aged and outdated. In such a scenario, buying a new boiler will enhance your comfort. 

Are you unsure of whether or not you require a boiler replacement? We invite you to schedule an inspection with our boiler plumbers in Canmore. Our team will visit your property and diagnose the issue. Based on that, you can decide on your boiler. Besides this, we can also serve gas fireplaces.

Unusual noises: If your boiler makes loud banging, clanking, and squealing noises, it might suffer from a system breakdown. If you experience this issue frequently, you should consider replacing your old boiler. 

Abnormal smells: Issues with your boiler's combustion can cause elements to mix with carbon monoxide. You might also notice your carbon monoxide detector going off. In this situation, we recommend getting a professional to visit your property immediately. 


The following are commonly asked questions about our boiler installation and repair in Banff:

Will Frozen Pipes Thaw on Their Own?
Your frozen pipes will thaw themselves if the temperature around them increases. We recommend increasing the heat and closing cabinet doors for indoor pipes to accelerate the process. We advise you not to turn on the water while your pipes are frozen because it can cause them to burst.

Why Does My Boiler Keep Cutting Out?

Some common causes of boilers repeatedly cutting out and restarting are:

Fuel or water intake problems
Damaged pump
Damaged thermostat
Inadequate water pressure
Air inside the system

Why Is There a Whistling Noise From My Boiler?
Some common causes of whistling from a boiler are:

Limescale accumulation on the heat exchanger
Air inside boiler
Blockage in the boiler

Do you have any other questions about our boiler repair in Canmore and the Bow Valley? Please send them to us, and we will get back to you. We also offer round-the-clock commercial and residential plumbing services.

Contact Us for Boiler Services in Canmore

Regarding your boiler, you should choose someone who can provide swift solutions without compromising quality. There are many reasons to choose our boiler repair in Lac Des Arc, such as:

We have years of experience.
We adhere to the highest standards.
We provide comprehensive services.
We craft customized solutions.
We offer 24/7 availability.
We provide excellent customer service.

If you'd like to make an appointment for boiler repair or installation in Kananaskis, we invite you to speak to our team.



“Always there, always reliable!”

- Cyd F.

Need Boiler Repair or Installation?

If you experience gas leakage, a faulty thermostat, or any other issue with your boiler, count on us for 24/7 repairs!

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